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Jan 26 / Max Tcheyan

Bleacher Report Partners with Skyfire, mobile web browser!

Bleacher Report is on fire– Skyfire!  Today, we are announcing our partnership with Skyfire, a free, downloadable mobile browser that delivers the PC web experience on your phone, real fast.  We’re excited about Skyfire because now you can get the full Bleacher Report experience when you’re on the go.

With Skyfire, you can follow your favorite writers, comment on articles, and keep an eye on your play-by-play anytime you want.  In a nutshell, everything you get at Bleacher Report, you can now get on your mobile phone.  Whether you want breaking news, game recaps or the latest must read, it’s all there. Skyfire is the only mobile browser that lets you enjoy all of the web’s rich media – including videos, images and animations.  We encourage you to download Skyfire today and see for yourself!

Skyfire runs on Windows Mobile and Nokia E and N Series phones.  You can download Skyfire from your phone by entering into your current mobile browser.  Or, from your desktop, you can go to Skyfire’s website to send your phone an SMS with the download link.

  • Jonathan Lintner

    I wish these guys could get their stuff together with Blackberry. Since the addition of the “My B/R” stuff on the site, it’s almost unviewable with how much scrolling I have to do.

  • daniel

    jonathan, agreed. i can’t access my bulletin board. and it’s hit or miss whether i can actually log in to my account. still check things out on my phone, but it’s not so helpful. i’m excited about skyfire for those that get to use it, but that’s not me. looking forward to more software soon!!