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Mar 19 / Bryan Goldberg

New Features at a Bleacher Report Near You…

New features are making their way to Bleacher Report, just in time for March Madness.

Many users have been asking for us to increase the possibilities when it comes to conversation and debate. Going forward, people can now reply to other users’ replies. Readers can also vote on which comments were the most worthwhile. All of this has been integrated with a slicker user interface.

Another major change for the site is the addition of scoreboards, standings, and schedules for all teams in all major sports. These are being slowly rolled out and integrated into the site.

We will be making continued improvements not only to the quality of scoreboards themselves, but also to the extent with which we integrate them into Bleacher Report. Our community will always center around great writing and thoughtful debate; that said, many of us also believe that sports news and information should be availble right here at home on BR.

As usual, any feedback on these new features would be greatly appreciated.

  • JR

    Great idea Bryan, I think that the addition of scores and other forms of feedback on articles creates more debate. In turn, that creates more viewers for the site. Looking forward to the evolving of the webpage.