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Nov 6 / Sam Parnell

B/R Writers Power Houston Sports Coverage

We have some great news today for Houston-based Creatures: The Houston Chronicle now features stories from Bleacher Report as part of its daily sports coverage. Each day, Houston’s leading new organization will present the best Houston sports articles from you, the Bleacher Report community, on a new page in the’s sports section devoted entirely to Bleacher Report content. Texans, Astros, Rockets, Longhorns, Aggies — you name it. If it’s a sport in or around Houston, you have it covered.

This means that your work will be displayed on one of the most well-regarded sports sections in the country. For the Chronicle, it taps a new resource of insightful local content for its readers. And for us, well, it’s one more point of validation that Bleacher Report’s community of passionate and intelligent writers deserve a voice in sports media. Congratulations Creatures!

Chronicle readers will find the Bleacher Report: Houston Edition page by visiting sports page and seeing Bleacher Report in the navigation bar. You can go directly to the page using this link:

Bleacher Report Houston Edition

The new page is a great example of how sports media is evolving to deliver sports fans more of the content they crave. We’re thrilled to be able to offer this new outlet to our writers and hope that this inspires our community to get even more involved in covering Houston sports.

  • J-Bone

    Dude, sweet

  • Real Writer

    At what compensation for the poor schmucks who are writing for you? Let me guess? They get clips and experience, right? You guys are the worst kind of rip-off artists. You don’t pay the writers and you pass off amateurs with no more access than the average fan as experts to your readers.

  • Bryan

    @ “Real Writer”

    While I respect your right to an opinion, your acerbic comment only serves to discredit your perspective.

    Our writers are intelligent, articulate, and passionate people who do not think of themselves in the manner that you have described. They are dedicated to the craft of writing, because they love doing it.

    Furthermore, the fact that they don’t always have “access” (though, increasingly, many BR writers are getting access) does not undermine their informed opinions on the teams and players they cover.

    I’m sorry that the 21st century realities and opportunities do not jive with your world view. That said, some of us are embracing the changes before us, looking at the positives, and figuring out a wonderful new way to update the state of Media.

    Those of us on board are having an amazing experience, and the BR community is thriving more than ever before.


  • Patrick

    From a writer who has written for Bleacher report, the Bleacher Report serves as a great way that we can either let our opinions be heard and hopefully entertain and inform some people. We never say our work is professional material but I think through the editing process and just the hard work people put in that the articles are pretty good reads. Although if you don’t like them you can be sure to skip the site.

  • Bruce Blackwell

    What a great deal for the Chronicle. Perhaps other papers will learn from this and see such relationships as a win win for everyone concerned, especially for local papers whose lives depend a great deal on having a global attitude and approach for basic survival.

  • Laughing

    Here is an example of the “quality” work that appears on Bleacher
    Report. I’m pretty sure that no other site on the Internet provides
    this “quality” of reporting.