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Jul 22 / Dave Finocchio

B/R’s Blog Syndication Process

It has recently been brought to our attention that some former users are questioning our blog syndication process. We’d like to quickly clear up a few pertinent questions.

Blog imports makeup 6% of Bleacher Report’s articles. The other 94% is original content created on the site. While we do leave the blog syndication option open, we strongly encourage our users to write directly on the site. The benefits are numerous, including increased visibility with partners and use of our content formats.

In regards to the aforementioned caset, the only way someone can syndicate their blog onto B/R is to sign up through their profile page and paste a line of code into their blog template. We don’t have the means to do that.

It sounds like in this case, the user(s) syndicated their blogs onto B/R over a year ago and forgot about it. Understandably, seeing your content posted on another site without knowing how it got there would be troubling. Thankfully, our checks and balances make it impossible for anyone but the user to syndicate their own blog onto the site.

If anyone would like to unsubscribe from B/R at anytime, please email and your profile will promptly be removed.

  • John Pendas

    I like the new process when it comes to approving writers but why the 60 day wait period before being able to reapply? I think we should be able to submit another body of work as soon as possible. Also I believe it would be better if the reason for not accepting an application was explained further, rather then just telling the applicant they were not accepted and to try again later. I had originally sent in a piece of writing that was more of an opinion piece that responded to a question in a forum. Since we did not have to actually provide an article we were interested in publishing I thought it would be adequate enough. However, my application was denied. I would not have sent just a sample size if I believed it would not have been enough to get me accepted and give me the ability to officially write articles; what I submitted originally was never intended for publication nor would it reflect the quality of work I planned on publishing on Bleacher Report.

    I have since sent another article for you to consider but before the 60 day waiting period. I have to reiterate that my first sample was more a sample size and opinionated; nothing truly professional. I hope you can respond to my comments here and the second email I sent ASAP and please grant me another opportunity to apply before the waiting period. If you could email me a response I would greatly appreciate it, thanks!

  • Ryan Alberti

    Thanks very much for reaching out here, John. When you get a chance, please share your thoughts in the B/R Community Forum Category titled “Things We’d Change About Bleacher Report”:

    Community members and site administrators monitor the “Things We’d Change” board on a regular basis, and respond to those posts which catch their fancy. If you manage to persuade the crowd with your ideas and explanations, you may well generate concrete changes down the road.

    — Ryan

    Ryan Alberti
    Managing Editor
    Bleacher Report Team