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Sep 23 / Dave Finocchio

Ignite Presentations!

Had a lot of fun presenting at the Sports Marketing 2.0 Conference in San Francisco on Tuesday. Thanks again to Pat Coyle and his team for the opportunity.

I was asked to put together 20 slides about a project we’ve worked on at B/R. The catch was that each slide automatically rotated after exactly 15 seconds. Talk about an intimidating format!

I shared some info about Bleacher Report’s incredibly successful newsletter program, and more specifically, our impetus for getting the product off the ground.

In Silicon Valley, I think many of us inherit a bias towards building and implementing cool new technologies, but we sometimes lose site of what the end consumer really wants, which can be something quite simple that doesn’t require much in the way of new technology. Funny how that works.

In this case, the end consumer is Mike, my buddy from college and former roommate. You can check out the presentation, and get a glimpse into Mike’s life as a sports fan below.

Sports Marketing 2.0 San Francisco: Bleacher Report Ignite Presentation
Bleacher Report Ignite Presentation

Also have to give a shout out to Justin from Facebook for the vodka tonic(s) idea after our presentations. Well-deserved way to calm the nerves after 5 minutes of complete frenzy.