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Apr 15 / Shanan Delp

Helping readers find the stories they want

We rolled out a set of changes to Bleacher Report this week that we are excited to tell you about.

First and foremost, we’re introducing a major new feature on Bleacher Report article pages to highlight content about your team. You’ll see it on NBA, NFL and Baseball articles right now, and it will begin rolling out to the rest of our sports coverage over the next few days.  We designed it to make it easy for you to find and read more content about the sports teams and topics that you care about.

Put simply, once you finish an article, we’ll have a rundown on all the other stories (from B/R and from other sites) that you’ll want to read to stay a true blue fan of your teams. In the story below, you’ll see the Magic Channel ready to keep all the Orlando fans in the know.

In addition, we’ve made a few changes to the way readers share and comment on B/R content. We streamlined the placement of Facebook like buttons, and are also testing Facebook’s comment system on some Bleacher Report articles. In the process, we have removed the old B/R like buttons in an efforts to keep things simple.

All of these changes to our “social” features are a work in progress, so please let us know what you think.

  • Kevin Carmell

    All my posts vanished for no particular reason. How can i recover them?

  • C.J. Batovsky

    Ever since the new “changes” took place, every article/slideshow etc. is sliced in half. I can only see the left half of the article. There is no issue when writing an article, but once they are published, I can’t read them. I’ve never had a problem before.

  • Rob

    Actually everytime I go on BR for about the past week its been horrible….not every time ab out 50% of the time, but when its bad its bad. Slow loads, doesn’t load, freezes, the comment section of articles has double comments on it, or you comment and it doesn’t show, even though in you profile it does, same with replies to your comments.

  • Joseph

    I’m having the same problem with the articles being cut in half. It does it in both Firefox and Chrome. Oddly enough, it works in Internet Explorer, but I really hate that browser.

    Please fix this!

  • Kevin

    Whenever I view an article, a lot of the navigation logos/buttons disappear. They would normally appear above the article, at the top of the page. The logos/buttons I’m talking about are the BR logo (that directs to the home page when you click on it), the search bar, buttons to got to other sections (NFL, CFB, MLB, etc), and the bar with your current “location” (College Football>Pac-10>Stanford).

    • Kevin

      XP SP3 and using firefox 3.6.16

      • Kevin

        I figured it out. The problem was with a firefox add-on called Adblock Plus (which is actually quite popular). It was blocking ads on the top and on the right of the page. Unfortunately in doing so, it also removed the links near those ads (the BR logo and others). I’ve never had this problem in the past with Adblock Plus installed, so the new layout of BR must have triggered something in the add-on. I already sent a report to Adblock Plus to try to resolve the issue.

  • Shanan Delp

    Thanks everyone for the feedback. We’re working on diagnosing all of these issues.

    If possible, please specify the operating system (windows, mac, etc) and the browser version you’re using, as it helps us debug.