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May 3 / Shanan Delp

New and Improved Writer Leaderboard

We want to let you know about a change we’ve made to how we calculate the top writers for teams and leagues on the site. Effective this month, we will calculate top writers based on their contributions for the calendar month, and we will be awarding badges to the winning writers at the end of the month.

Since B/R started, we’ve worked to recognize excellent work, and our new top writers leaderboard is the first step among many we’re taking to improve the experience and help our writers attract a large community of readers.

You can see an example of the new leaderboard in our NFL section.

What’s changed: We used to calculate top writers on a rolling 30-day basis, but we noticed that this made it a little hard for new writers to get into the game. So now, beginning on the first of every month, it’s a brand new race to be a top writer for the teams and topics that you’re passionate about.

Some fine print: Writers must write a minimum of 5 articles about a team or topic and fulfill some other basic community requirements in order to be eligible. If you’ve fulfilled some– but not all– of the leaderboard requirements you will be listed as “pending” until you are eligible each month. The full details on the requirements are listed on each leaderboard page.

At the end of the month we’ll award the title of “top writer” to the top three writers for many teams and topics. We’ll also award an honorable mention to the top-placing writer who isn’t a Featured Columnist.  These top writer winners will get badges on their profiles and additional recognition in the near future as we work to bring even more rewards and transparency to the writer program over the next several months.

  • Caleb

    Thanks for the explanation, Shanan.

    Does Bleacher Report have any plans to implement reward measures if a writer works on a more in-depth articles that, say, takes a week to research and put together? Naturally this would garner less pageviews over a month for an author, but would add additional layers of depth and insight to B/R content.

  • shanan

    Hey Caleb,

    Thanks for the suggestion. We love thoughtfully reported pieces here at Bleacher Report, and we’ll take your suggestion seriously.

  • http://n/a Emanuel Galdes

    Correct me if I am wrong but it seems there are sports that are even shown around the world hauling huge audiences that this site doesn`t cater to, for example World Power Boat Racing and Snooker. It`s all well that the audience here seems to be hugely American going by the topics that are mostly covered and that is rightly so for an American company. But, for the moment the world is the limit and perhaps as in the case of soccer more exposure should be given to these sports even for the satisfaction of having alternatives or developing a real passion for a new sport. Another sport that springs to mind is Moto GP. This is also good financial reasoning as other streams generating more and newer traffic are created. Another income earning funnel. Your comments please. (This writer is situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea).

  • Markorealmonte

    Like every sport, there’s a certain amount of strategy that can go into the timing of publishing on B/R. No one wants to get scooped, and situations can change quickly in every sport–but there is a benefit in holding a good article and releasing it on the first of the month to do better in the monthly competition. Which is why I’m holding a few pieces until the month rolls over.

  • raj kothari

    In which format should i submit my article?
    Please reply