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May 16 / King Kaufman

Guest columnists: Athletes, celebs, authors contribute to B/R

Have you noticed that Bleacher Report has been getting some great contributions lately from Guest Columnists?

We’ve been reaching out to authors, athletes, celebrities and other notable types and asking if they want to try writing for the largest sports website in the country not affiliated with a giant media entity.

“Don’t start that marketing talk on me, young man,” Esquire writer Scott Raab told me when I said something similar to that as we worked on his piece about LeBron James.

This week Dmitriy Salita, a Ukrainian Orthodox Jewish boxer in New York, passed along the lessons he’s learned in his budding career as a fight promoter, and we’ve launched an interesting series about Joe DiMaggio., the authorized website for the late Yankees star, is collaborating with Bleacher Report on a series called “Reliving Joe DiMaggio’s Hitting Streak,” which allows readers to follow the Yankee Clipper’s record 56-game skein in real time, plus 70 years. Here’s Game 1 and Game 2. Think he can keep it going?

Robert Lipsyte, a celebrated, longtime columnist for the New York Times, has been writing guest columns for Bleacher Report since late March. He says he’s getting addicted to earning medals for hot reads.

Who should we go after to make the guest columnist program even better?

  • Mike

    It probably would never happen, but Rick Reilly.

  • Jon Sainz

    I like’s Michael Lombardi.

    Lee Child is also a great writer, but not sure if he’ll know much about sports.

    Known athletes could help the page get even more notoriety.