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Jun 17 / King Kaufman

Brainstorm: Help a writer create a slideshow

Shaquille O'Neal movie poster

Let’s brainstorm together.

Bleacher Report’s editors often launch email threads in which we all kick around ideas to help create a fun slideshow.

For example, the other day an editor sent out this email:

Subject: 30 Ways to know if you love sports Too Much

Thought this one could be fun with all the hate going towards LeBron. Reasons that you can’t give: A) I am always on Bleacher Report, B) LeBron ruined my life. C) No such thing

Other than that, hit me with any legitimate examples of fans who have gone too far, whether it is tattoos on their babies, stalking sports stars or what have you.

Forty or 50 responses later, the writer assigned to that slideshow, Ryan Braun, had a much bigger bunch of ideas to work with than if he’d gone solo.

The result: “30 Ways to Know You Love Sports Way Too Much.”

So, as an experiment, let’s try that here. Our first idea to brainstorm upon:

The 50 Worst Athlete Actors.

O.J. Simpson, Andre the Giant, John Cena, Derek Jeter. You’ve seen ‘em.

Leave your ideas in the comments, with representative roles if you know about them, and we’ll see how good a slideshow we can make as a group.

  • Caleb

    Ray Allen. Guy pretty much sealed the Hollywood rule: “It’s always better to have the part done by a good actor who plays the sport slightly awkwardly, than a good athlete who acts the part like he has a very bad concussion.”

  • Tim Lewis

    Michael Jordan – Space Jam

    • Neri Stein

      How dare you sir! Space Jam is an amazing film!

  • Greg
    • Greg

      The usual meathead cop above the law goofiness. Also starred in a movie called “One Tough Bastard.” Not by judging his NFL career, he’s not.

  • Tim Lewis

    Penny Hardaway – Butch McRae – Blue Chips
    Matt Nover – Ricky Roe – Blue Chips

  • John Stebbins

    Alex Karras in Webster? It’s hard to beat an athlete who ruined a TV show instead of just a 90-minute movie. Then again Bob Uecker in Mr. Belevdere. Or maybe Merlin Olsen in “Little House on the Prarie” Fred Dryer in “Hunter”
    (Maybe I’ve got my own list here. Lemme know if you think I should fire it up)
    Movie-wise, I’d go with the three Red Sox who were just eating dinner in “Fever Pitch,” (thinking) Got it! Gheorghe Muresan (sp?) in “My Giant”

  • Todd Bennington

    Bruce Jenner. Have you seen Can’t Stop the Music? So deliriously wrong on so many levels (it’s basically the origin story of the Village People). Why include a gold medal winning decathlete? Why not. Also he had a recurring role on CHiPs. Comedy gold.

  • Cian Fahey

    Terrell Owens ( because it’s the only time he’s ever been a receiver on a team and been quiet.

  • Eitan

    Tom Brady as himself in Entourage. Just pitiful.

    Along those same lines, LeBron was terrible in Entourage as well.

  • Neri Stein

    In the FX show Dirt, Rick Fox played a basketball superstar who gets caught by the paparazzi cheating on his also famous wife…but I don’t really know if that counts as acting all things considered.

    • King Kaufman

      Reminds me of when sitcom actress Ann Jillian played the lead role in the TV movie “The Ann Jillian Story” — and she was all wrong for the part!

  • Erik Frenz

    Tom Brady is heinously awkward every time he’s on a TV screen. Unless it’s during a football game.

  • Chris Morris

    Lou Ferrigno

  • William Russo

    This is why I will never do a slideshow.

    • King Kaufman

      What is why?

  • Joshua Williams

    Shaq. Don’t get me wrong, the man can be hilarious. But, just because you are naturally funny, doesn’t mean you can be an actor.

    Dennis Rodman and his double team co-star Jean Claude Van Damme.

    i don’t need to explain Rodman. And Van Damme was a successful professional Kickboxer before becoming an actor.

  • Andrew Eide

    This is going to possibly be a bit obscure but how about Mike Modano, playing himself in The Mighty Ducks. Terrible

  • Tim

    Roger Clemens playing “Skidmark” in Kingpin

  • Doug

    Joe Namath in C.C. and Company.