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Jun 29 / King Kaufman

Bleacher Report’s first “Office Hours” a success

Bleacher Report Office Hours

Looking over the shoulder of B/R communications manager Aron Glatzer at some of the gathered and two important tools for any writer: Free pizza and free beer.

About 25 Bleacher Report writers and writing interns fought through unseasonable rain and brutal traffic last night to make their way to our luxurious new digs in San Francisco for the first-ever Writer HQ “Office Hours.”

It was great to meet some of the people who make B/R go, to have them meet each other and to talk about what it is we’re all doing.

We woke up to some great emails this morning from some of the writers who were there, several of whom reported that they came away feeling better about Bleacher Report than when they arrived.

VP of content David Finocchio, who is one of the site’s founders, answered some questions and offered some thoughts about what Bleacher Report is trying to accomplish and where we see ourselves in the media landscape. One writer said in an email, “It was refreshing to hear B/R is really built for the passionate, knowledgeable and driven fan—that being a unique perspective to present.”

There’s talk in the office this morning about having Office Hours in other cities so we can meet with more of Bleacher Report’s writing team. I’ve suggested Rio de Janeiro for the next one, but New York is a lot more likely.

Here’s a picture of your humble manager of the writing program speaking last night, far right, and evidently commanding the attention of a solid 25 percent of the crowd! That’s writing internship manager Max Tcheyan second from left.

King Kaufman at Bleacher Report Office Hours

  • Anonymous

    I second that, King. I absolutely loved getting the chance to talk to meet our writers, and hear about their experiences working with us, warts and all. It made the notion of B/R being a “community” of sports writers something even more real to me.

  • Dan Mori

    King, thank you and the entire B/R team for hosting a great event. I enjoyed meeting many of the B/R staff and so many of my fellow writers. It was a very interesting, informative and fun event!!!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks, Dan. It was great to meet you too. Thanks for coming.

      Note: Dan was the poster boy for the previous post, by Shanan Delp, about
      the redesigned Profile pages.

  • Eddie_walters08

    Being all the way in Florida I wish there was a way I could make my way to one of these “office hours.”

    • Anonymous

      We’re starting to talk about doing more Office Hours meetups in other
      cities. Can’t promise we’ll have one in Florida, but there’s a decent chance
      we’ll at least get into your time zone.

  • Jon Sainz

    Too bad I’m halfway around the World, sound like it’s a lot of fun.

  • Andrekha

    Los Angeles!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I’m pushing for Bakersfield. How’s that?

      • Manny Randhawa

        Sacramento, too!

  • Anthony Hardin Sr

    It was awesome meeting everyone and I look forward to doing it again.

  • CJ (Christopher Ong)

    Thanks for the invite King. It was a pleasure to be there!

  • Michael