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Aug 9 / King Kaufman

B/R U graduates its first “class”: Packers FC Michael Kimble

Michael Kimble

Michael Kimble

One of the educational resources Bleacher Report provides its writers is B/R U, an online, self-directed sportswriting course. Last week, Michael Kimble became B/R U’s first graduate.

Kimble grew up in Virginia, but with Midwestern family roots that resulted in him being a lifelong fan of the Green Bay Packers, Milwaukee Bucks and Brewers and Chicago Blackhawks. He signed up to write for Bleacher Report about a month ago.

His first few stories were rough, but our editors saw potential and liked the enthusiasm with which he greeted the assignments he was given. They invited him to go through B/R U. Those who complete the course are considered for Featured Columnist status.

It took Kimble about two weeks to complete B/R U, and the editor who reviewed his work told me, “His writing became noticeably stronger.” He was judged worthy of a trial run as an FC, and he aced it. He’s now a Featured Columnist for the Packers, one of the most popular teams in any sport, and thus one with stiff competition for FC slots.

Here’s his 10 Predictions for the Packers’ 2011 Season.

“I really enjoyed the process of B/R U,” Kimble told me. “I felt it really helped me improve my ability to write interesting and thought-provoking sports articles, and it gave me an idea of what is important when writing an article, from the importance of writing about a ‘trending’ story to writing an article using a unique voice or opinion to spark readers’ interest.”

Kimble, who has a master’s degree in professional writing from Old Dominion University, says sportswriting is one of the things he’s considering as a career path.

B/R U is available to any approved Bleacher Report writer. Learn more about learning more at the B/R U front page.

  • Nick Caron

    Awesome. :)

  • Muzzy

    Well done mate, hopefully I’m next.