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Aug 10 / King Kaufman

The 11 journalism jobs you meet in the future

I’ve been saying for years that the cratering of the traditional news media, which has included a massive and terrible loss of editorial jobs, is not the end of journalism or the news business, which of course includes the sports news business.

As media thinker Clay Shirky famously pointed out, we’re in the middle of a revolution, and in revolutions, “old stuff gets broken faster than the new stuff is put in its place.”

But new stuff has come along — Bleacher Report is one small corner of the new media ecosphere — and will continue to do so. And nobody really knows what the journalism universe will look like in the future.

But people make educated guesses. Writing on Kennesaw State University’s Center for Sustainable Journalism website last week, Lindsay Oberst lists 11 journalism jobs you may hold in the future. That is, these jobs are starting to exist today.

Hat tip to MediaBistro for pointing to the story.

Oberst gives some details about what these job titles mean, but I’ll list them here so you can imagine your future business card:

  • Headline Optimizer

  • Social Media Reporter
  • Story Scientist
  • Data Detective
  • Curator in Chief
  • Explanatory Journalist
  • Viral Meme Checker / Viral Video Maker
  • Slideshow specialist
  • Networker / Engager (aka community manager)
  • Ebook creator
  • Web developer

“For journalists thinking about the future, learning digital skills and being open to new things seem to be common themes of success,” Oberst writes.

In the comments, British author and journalism professor Paul Bradshaw points to a similar piece he posted in 2008 on his Online Journalism Blog, also worth a read.

What do you think your own media future looks like?

  • scott harris

    Very interesting stuff…and interesting see which boxes b/r contributors can check off (there are a few). I gotta say, though, if my business card ever says “meme checker,” I’ll know it’s time to do some serious thinking, like head-into-the-woods serious.

  • Chris Westphal

    i think in the future media will continue to enable more eyes to view more articles by more journalists, pretty obvious really. information and technology are ever expanding and all of it is becoming easier to get a hold on.