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Aug 22 / King Kaufman

Journalism teacher Doug Fisher praises b/r U, other B/R resources

Doug Fisher

Doug Fisher

More love for b/r U, Bleacher Report’s training curriculum, over the weekend.

Following up on NiemanLab’s report about b/r U last week, Doug Fisher, a senior instructor at the University of South Carolina’s journalism school, wrote Saturday that b/r U and Bleacher Report’s “other editing resources really should be part of your tool box if you are teaching journalism in a digital age.”

“If you aren’t exposing your students to this brutal reality of 21st century journalism,” Fisher writes on his Common Sense Journalism blog about the chase for traffic that’s at the center of any successful web content operation, “you’re shortchanging them.”

Fisher has even more kind words for Bleacher Report’s other educational resources beyond b/r U, including some posts from an earlier incarnation of this blog by B/R’s Ryan Alberti, who is the chief architect of b/r U. Fisher writes:

Newsrooms in general could learn a lot from this stuff. Read it closely, and, whether you agree, disagree or detest some of the dog-eat-dog tone, for me it highlights many of the reasons traditional newsrooms still struggle online. If they adopted some of these ideas for “print” as well, not only would those pages be friendlier, but shoveling the print version online might work better too.

“There are lots of sites out there with plenty of helpful tips on Internet writing, SEO, etc.,” Fisher writes, “but this is one of the best at integrating it all and not pulling punches.”

We always appreciate kind words coming from great Southern universities.