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Aug 26 / King Kaufman

Ty Schalter on B/R: From “not awesome” to “blown away” in 2 years

Ty Schalter

Ty Schalter

Ty Schalter is a respected Detroit Lions blogger at his The Lions in Winter site. He also writes at and He’s a longtime critic of Bleacher Report. And now he’s a Bleacher Report Featured Columnist.

In a blog post today at Lions in Winter, Schalter explains how he went in a little under two years from his first impression of B/R—”It wasn’t awesome”—to becoming an enthusiastic new member of Bleacher Report’s writer community.

The short version is he started talking to Bleacher Report’s Michael Schottey and he kept an open mind as he watched B/R take one step after another to improve the site. “While the battle for blogger street cred raged on comment sections and Twitter accounts everywhere,” Schalter writes, “B/R continually raised the bar for themselves.”

Schalter’s conclusion:

I’ve said and thought many critical things about Bleacher Report over the years, but today I sit blown away. These folks’ commitment to quality is remarkable, and the resources they put at writers’ fingertips are just as impressive. They are dead serious about doing what they do as well as they can do it, and I’m proud to do whatever I can to help them get there.

Well, shucks. The long version’s pretty good too.

  • Jeremy Reid

    Nice too see your change of heart, Ty. I grew up in Flint and remain a die-hard Tigers, Red Wings, Pistons and Wolverines fan. Although I was raised a Cowboys fan, I will always be a Lions “well-wisher” at the very least. is one of the sites i frequent to stay up on hometown sports happenings so I am sure I’ve read your work before. I look forward to reading your Detroit-based contributions to B/R!

  • Mike Sudds

    Having Ty in our stable of Lions featured columnists is a real coup.