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Sep 1 / King Kaufman

Jose Canseco, Lead Writers: Media notes from all over

Jose Canseco throws his knuckler

Jose Canseco throws his knuckler

Some links for Bleacher Report Lead Writers and Guest Columnists this morning.

Shep Hayes conducted a fascinating, wide-ranging interview with our five new Lead Writers at

Matt Miller, Dan Rubenstein, Josh Zerkle, Bethlehem Shoals and Dan Levy all talk about their decision to hire on at Bleacher Report, what they plan to do now that they’re here, and B/R’s changing reputation in their world, which Rubenstein refers to as “our little blogosphere.”

Levy also appeared on’s “Lunch Break With Rhea Hughes” today to talk about Cliff Lee and the Philadelphia Eagles. Those were separate subjects.

Levy rocked his new Bleacher Report polo and Hughes, as always, flashed her awesome Philly accent.

And finally, our latest Guest Columnist at Bleacher Report is Jose Canseco. The former MLB slugger, now a 47-year-old player/pitcher/manager with the Yuma Scorpions of the North American Baseball League, breaks down the swings of some of the game’s greatest current sluggers, including Albert Pujols, Alex Rodriguez and super-prospect Bryce Harper.