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Oct 27 / King Kaufman

Paul Pierce shouts out to Ethan Norof for his defense of Paul Pierce

Paul Pierce

Paul Pierce

Who thinks Boston Celtics star Paul Pierce is a top-15 player in the NBA? Not ESPN, which ranked him 21 in its recent #NBArank project on Twitter.

Who thinks The Truth is top 15? Bleacher Report Featured Columnist Ethan Norof, who made his case a week ago in his piece Paul Pierce Underrated by ESPN NBA Rank: Celtics Forward Easily Top-15 Player.”

Who else? Well, Paul Pierce seems to think Paul Pierce is a top-15 player. Or at least he or his social media manager thought enough of Norof’s argument—wouldn’t you if you were named or employed by Paul Pierce?—that it appeared on the wall of Pierce’s Facebook page.

As of this morning more than 1,000 people had “liked” the post and 75 had commented, almost all of them agreeing with the premise. The rest just want the NBA to get back on the floor, something we can all agree upon.

Pierce’s endorsement boosted the traffic on the piece significantly. Athletes on social media can do that. Are you keeping that in mind as you get the word out about the pieces you’ve written?

  • Eitan Katz

    Great Job Ethan!! So jealous :)

  • Paul Kasabian

    Steve Smith (then of the Giants, now of the Eagles) posted an article I wrote about him in Sept. 2010 on his Facebook page. Funny enough, like Ethan, I wrote about an athlete being underrated as well.

  • Wade Williams

    A great way to get these athletes or their social media managers to post articles involving them is to tag them in a status update with the link to your article. For my MMA rankings, I tend to go with something like, “Check out where @(FighterA), @(FighterB), @(FighterC) and the rest stacked up in this edition of blah blah blah!” Try it out if you haven’t yet, it can turn a regular piece into a Hot Read quickly.

  • Doug Mead

    A few months ago, I wrote a piece about the “50 Nuttiest Personalities in MLB History.” Former MLB player and current MLB Network analyst Eric Byrnes made the list, and he mentioned the article on his radio show in San Francisco.. I got a pretty good kick out of that….

    Nice job, Ethan!