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Nov 14 / King Kaufman

Penn State scandal coverage: Some Bleacher Report highlights

Penn State fan with "Say it ain't so" sign

A Penn State fan holds up a sign outside the Nebraska-Penn State game at Beaver Stadium Saturday.

The Penn State child sexual abuse scandal dominated the headlines last week, and I’m sure there are plenty more developments to come and a lot more to say about the whole sickening situation.

I just wanted to take a moment to look back at last week and point out some of the best of Bleacher Report’s coverage.

I’ve already mentioned Kelly Scaletta’s courageous personal revelation and rebuke to Penn State students demonstrating on behalf of Joe Paterno. Here are a few more links, in no particular order, that were highlighted by B/R editors as examples of the breadth, depth and quality of our coverage.

John Bartram also bravely wrote that he was sexually abused as a child. After the student demonstrations, he wrote about the Ugliness and Truth Students Need to Know.

Ryan Rudnansky wrote that the student riots showed Penn State Has Cultural Issues.

From Mike Stanger, a Penn State student in the ’90s, “The Orwellian Aspect of College Sports.

Ryan Simon is a Penn State student now. He offered his perspective.

And here are three takes on Joe Paterno:

Joe Paterno Firing: How Will This Scandal Alter His Legacy? by J.A. Allen.

The Timing of Paterno’s Departure Was Both Right and Wrong by Alan Black.

Piety and Penn State: The Conversation No One Wants by Aurin Squire.

  • John

    “John Bartram bravely wrote”? And, I am still upset that the editors here, at Bleacher Report chose to drop the article in the “archive” section where it was sure to never be read.

    Mostly because I had simply asked them to let me know what they were going to do with and I would understand if they didn’t put it on the page where I wanted it…. College Football.

    Therefore, “bravely wrote” words have a ring of shallowness to them, in my book.

    Almost all of the reads listed on the article, I’ve come to learn, are from the fact that the article is on about ten website that link it back to here.

    I “bravely” wrote it. You should have “bravely” put it on the front page. If I could handle it being there, you should be able to.

    John Bartram

    • Anonymous

      John, I’m sorry but I have no idea what you’re talking about, and neither does our front page editor. Can you drop me a line at king at bleacher report and explain what the problem is or was? I’ll see what I can find out.

      About to get on a plane. It might be tomorrow before I get back to you.

    • Alan Black

      I know what you mean John. My article was one of the ones mentioned above. It has less than 400 reads right now, because it never even made it onto the Penn State team page. It just went straight to the archives. I’m guessing what happened to our articles is due to the fact that so many featured columnists wrote articles on the subject, and their articles get preference over ours. So, our articles just got pushed straight into the archives by all of the articles written by writers ranked much higher than us. It is what it is. Great article though.

      • John

        Alan, yes normally that is the case. I’ve been in contact with a number of people from Bleacher Report today.

        Apparently they received between 600-700 articles in a short period of time on this story, so obviously it was hard for them to manage.

        My main gripe was they simply didn’t let me know, which under normal circumstances I would never ask, where it was going.

        There is no reason for THEM to place any priority to it, even though it obviously means a lot to me.

        I am grateful to “King” for it being here, and to Paul Kasabian, from Bleacher Report, for recommending it as a top article.

        Thank you for your comments on my article. I’m going to look for yours right now.


      • Mike MacConnell

        If it helps, I am a college football featured colimnist, and most of my articles on the subject were also archived, including one in which I mentioned my own sexual abuse as a child. Most of them have less than 500 reads as well. It’s difficult when there is such a high volume of articles to get them all placed. I read both yours and John’s, and they are both excellent pieces.

  • Edmund Gray