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Nov 23 / King Kaufman

B.J. Penn, Bill Walton debut as Bleacher Report writers

Bill Walton painting

Bill Walton on the wall of the Bill Walton room at Bleacher Report H.Q.

It’s a great day for the Bleacher Report Guest Columnist program, as two sports legends both have their first B/R pieces up.

Two-time, two-division MMA champ B.J. Penn will be writing regularly for us, and his first piece is up, with updates on what he’s up to now that he’s stepped away from fighting—baby on the way, taping a TV show and some commentary on Dan Henderson-”Shogun” Rua.

The MMA media is already taking notice of the newest B/R MMA columnist.

And Bill Walton remembers the late UCLA coach John Wooden in a moving slideshow excerpted from the book “Wooden: Basketball & Beyond: The Official UCLA Retrospective.

Walton is an important figure at Bleacher Report. One of the conference rooms in our San Francisco office is named for him, with a painting of his famous Crawdaddy magazine cover photo on the wall.

  • Rob

    they should really put that Walton piece on the front page or something. It is almost embarrassing that it has only about 200 reads

    • Garrett

      Completely agree Rob– BJ Penn’s first post has 10,000 reads already.

  • Chris Mueller

    Welcome guys

  • Nick Caron

    Adding BJ Penn to the team is just an absolutely amazing thing for us in the MMA section. We are so excited to have him.

    I have to admit, BJ is my favorite fighter of all-time and I feel star-struck to have my work connected with him in any way.

  • Red Shannon

    Did Walton personally put the slideshow together or did another person simply use excerpts from his book? There is nothing in the slideshow to suggest otherwise.

    It would really be nice to have Walton do an original piece for Bleacher Report.

    • Anonymous

      There’s nothing in the slideshow to suggest otherwise because the slideshow clearly states that the piece is a book excerpt.

      We agree that it would be great for Walton to do an original piece for Bleacher Report. We are trying to get in touch with him to ask him if he’d like to do that.

  • Newgirl09

    are they getting paid?

    • Anonymous