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Nov 29 / King Kaufman

Twitter advice for sportswriters, in 140 characters

The Associated Press Sports Editors website has a useful summation of a workshop session about learning to use Twitter and Facebook.

The workshop, held two weeks ago in Philadelphia, may have been about Twitter and Facebook, but the report is a collection of Twitter tips from Kate Fagan of the Philadelphia Inquirer and Stefanie Loh of the (Harrisburg, Pa.) Patriot-News, cleverly presented in bursts of 140 characters or fewer.

Most of it should—ahem, should—serve as review for social media-savvy Bleacher Report writers, but it never hurts to review, and you never know when there’s some piece of advice that should be review that you’ve somehow missed.

There’s even a joke at the end.

  • HogManInLA

    What is the point of this link without any information held within the blurb?

    • Anonymous

      I’m sorry I don’t understand your comment.