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Feb 13 / King Kaufman

Video: What the pope taught me about writing ledes

The first Bleacher Report Blog video features a dramatic reenactment of an important moment from my high school days.

It’s not what you think. That didn’t happen till I was in my 30s.

Bleacher Report Business Development Manager Lauren Fraser plays the part of my friend Stacey, who one day in 1981 inadvertently helped teach me something important about writing a good lede.

See also: Doors are closing: What’s our lede?

  • Greg

    Emilio! Love the vid, King. Keep ‘em coming.

  • Matt Saccaro

    Amazing! Trailblazing! Wonderful! A Miracle!

    • Anonymous

      Hey, you might make the poster. Thanks.

  • Ben Rosenthal

    Awesome video. Very helpful information.

  • Roy Burton

    This is great stuff – definitely looking forward to the next one.

  • Jason Fraychineaud

    Great stuff, thanks for the vid

  • Michael Schottey

    I laughed, I cried, I spit up a little!

  • Anonymous

    Great video!

  • Joel Cordes

    One small step for the B/R Blog. One giant leap for King’s appearance at the next TED conference! (Great stuff, can’t wait for the next one…)