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Apr 17 / King Kaufman

Video: Writing process of a Bleacher Report Featured Columnist

Bleacher Report Featured Columnist Ely Sussman has made a video showing you all how it’s done at B/R.

Watch and learn, aspiring FCs. And get those Sprite cans outta the way!

  • Chris Mueller

    Very cool.

  • Mike Moraitis

    I have the same process, except I have a screaming two-year-old in the background and a nagging wife!

  • Kay Jennings

    I follow the same basic process, too, except for killing deer in the middle of the night who dare to eat my roses.

    • Anonymous

      Wait, what? The death penalty for rose eating? Kay, you need to actually READ the Shawn Green zen book!

  • Anonymous

    Hmm, he’s got printouts of B/R’s content standards…good idea.