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Apr 19 / Brandon Galvin

B/R Internship success story: Brandon Galvin

Brandon GalvinAnybody looking to achieve success in journalism must look into participating in Bleacher Report’s Internship program. Without the guidance and knowledge passed along to me from the internship team, I certainly would not be where I am today.

I worked my way through the ranks and am currently a TNT (Breaking News Team) Assignment Editor and Events Manager.

I started working with Bleacher Report in May 2010, participating in the Copy Editing Internship. There, I was able to edit B/R writers, which in turn allowed me to hone my own writing skills as I was able to see what did and didn’t work with online journalism. B/R’s Style Guide was also a massive help as I learned nuances I was unaware of out of college.

After completing the Copy Editing Internship, I was offered a spot in B/R’s Writing Internship, which I can firmly say is where my writing career began to take off. I was able to carry out a career goal of mine, writing about sports for a prestigious website. I learned about search engine optimization (SEO) and how to craft headlines people might search for. My dedication, enthusiasm and abilities were noticed by the team and I was awarded an opportunity to participate in the paid writing internship.

I graduated from the writing internship and was given the chance to write for the TNT team, which is where I truly learned how to harness my writing skills. I learned even more about SEO headlines and how to craft compelling and opinionated content. Through the help of the internship and TNT, I was able to find my writing voice, which is far and away the most difficult aspect of writing online.

By participating in the internship, my work was featured on the front page of B/R, I received a ton of reads and reader comments and I was promoted to paid opportunities within Bleacher Report. My career with B/R started with the internship, and I recommend it to anybody looking to learn about the art of online journalism.

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Follow Brandon on Twitter at @BGNY3 and check out his B/R profile.

  • Connor O’Brien

    Are you making a living off what you are paid? Does Bleacher Report do that?

    • Brandon Galvin

      Connor, I do make a living thanks to Bleacher Report!

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations, Brandon! This story makes me smile, as I will be beginning the writer internship at the end of May. I am really excited to get started, and cannot wait to learn everything I can to help me become the best writer I can be.

    Your success is inspiring, and I hope and pray my story ends up being similar to yours. Thanks for the good read!