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Aug 6 / King Kaufman

Turner buys Bleacher Report: What does it mean for B/R writers?

You’ve probably heard by now that Bleacher Report has been acquired by Turner Sports and you’re wondering, “What does this mean for me?”

It means you’ll get to sit between Kenny and Charles on “Inside the NBA” at least twice a month during the regular season. Please prepare something.

OK, it doesn’t mean that.

We at Bleacher Report headquarters have been told in no uncertain terms to keep doing what we’re doing, that Turner acquired B/R because it wanted B/R, not because it wants to transform the site into something else.

“Turner Sports is committed to making the Bleacher Report brand one of the biggest brands in the sports world,” my boss, VP of content Dave Finocchio, said this morning. “TS is going to invest more in the brand than we ever could have ourselves, and help us get exposure via TV and other mediums where we currently have a low profile. Thanks to the TS acquisition, B/R will have more paid opportunities for existing writers and new writers alike—and video contributors.”

Bleacher Report has always been a meritocracy. Those writers who distinguish themselves on the site put themselves in position for paid opportunities as they become available. As part of Turner Sports, Finocchio says, there will be more opportunities for more contributors.

In other words, keep doing what you’re doing. We’ll have access to more video and other material from Turner’s various sports properties, but the guts of what Bleacher Report is all about will not change. It will still be a place where sports fans can get the most entertaining stories and videos about the teams and topics they care about, and where sportswriters can reach an audience, build their brand and improve their craft.

Here is some of the coverage of the sale:

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  • Dmitriy Ioselevich

    Congrats and kudos to everyone who made this possible. I’ve watched BR transform itself seemingly every couple of months, and I’m sure this latest transformation will be the greatest yet.

  • Scott Carasik

    Wait, so turner buys us. we get more paid opportunities… looks pretty good to me.

    • Pete Schauer


  • Adam Fromal

    Sounds like great news, so congrats to everyone who helped make it happen! Let’s keep it up!

  • Kelly Scaletta

    Good news for all, (especially NBA writers with NBATV and TNT) but a special congrats to Dave whose vision has gone beyond what he could have possibly dreamed!

  • Pjsapi

    so what’s our cut for making b/r so valuable?

  • Shehan Jeyarajah

    Excellent! Now can I get my airtime with Chuck?