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Oct 23 / King Kaufman

Checklist: Now that you’ve published, what do you have to do?

A hat tip to NFL Lead Writer Michael Schottey for pointing out this Checklist: 12 Things You Must do After Writing a New Blog Post.

It’s great advice for anyone who publishes anything online, not just blog posts, and the advice isn’t limited to those author Oli Gardner mentions, those who don’t write for “a giant powerhouse with a massive existing readership.”

Bleacher Report has that massive existing readership, but writers who want to build a following and have their work read would be wise to take the advice of Gardner, the creative director at Unbounce, a company that creates self-serve landing pages for marketers.

The checklist isn’t about writing, but about publicizing your writing, getting it in front of people and building a community around it. That applies if you’re on your own, sure, but also if you’re writing for a big site. Remember that as a writer, you’re the brand.

Most of Gardner’s advice, like most of the best advice, is common sense:

  • Keyword optimize your post
  • Comment on other blogs
  • Seek and assist on Twitter

And so on. But you know what they say about common sense, right?