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Dec 13 / King Kaufman

Poynter errors and corrections roundup: Funny, scary reading

Here’s some light reading that will make you at least chuckle a few times, maybe even laugh out loud in a way that makes your co-workers look at you like you’re nuts. Not that that happened to me or anything when I read it.

It’s Craig Silverman’s annual collection of “The best (and worst) media errors and corrections of 2012″ at

You might giggle at the Economist for saying in a correction, “We must have been drunk on the job.” You might guffaw at a certain subhead in the Suffolk University newspaper.

But eventually, you ought to, like the editors at the Economist, get a little more sober. Some of these errors are really horrible. People lost jobs over some of them. Others brought pain to grieving families.

Any of us who don’t wind up in Silverman’s roundup in a given year ought to be grateful. There but for the grace of whatever we believe in goes any of us. And then if we’re smart, we’ll decide right then and there to be even more careful next year, so we don’t wind up in Silverman’s 2013 collection.