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Mar 13 / King Kaufman

Video: How writers can advance their careers at Bleacher Report

Elika Sadhegi

Bleacher Report’s main ambition is to be the best sports website, the place sports fans go to love their teams. But it’s also a place where writers and other content creators can develop their craft and advance their careers.

In today’s new video, three writers and one video analyst talk about what they’ve been able to accomplish and learn at Bleacher Report, and what B/R has done for them.

“I’ve gone from no one knowing who I was to being featured in Madden video games,” NFL Draft Lead Writer Matt Miller says. Miller, who holds the B/R record for reads, is featured as a tweeting personality in the Madden 2012 and 2013 games. “Being recognized as kind of a thought-leader in your industry is one of the biggest perks for me,” he says.

College football Lead Writer Michael Felder, MLB Lead Writer Zachary D. Rymer and college football Analyst Elika Sadeghi also appear.

“I would definitely recommend Bleacher Report to anyone who’s aspiring to a career in sports media,” Sadeghi says. Felder says he’s “living the dream” and that “there are very few people I’d trade my life with.”

“I cannot believe,” Rymer adds, “that I get paid to do this for a living.”

Enjoy “The Benefits of Writing @ B/R,” the second in our series of videos about how Bleacher Report works.

  • Isaac Smith

    Found this video very enlightening as far as progress that other writers have made in B/R. But the video should be renamed to “how writers HAVE advanced their careers at B/R” as it does not explicitly give a layout of how existing writers can advance their careers at B/R

    • Matt Miller

      Hi Isaac. I’m not sure there is one way for existing writers to advance their career. This is something I’m asked often and there’s really no one or two answers that work for everyone.

      The best advice I can give to you or anyone else is to simply work your tail off. When I started at B/R I was naive enough to believe that if I just worked hard enough I would get better as a writer, learn more about sports journalism and eventually land a full-time job. And that’s exactly what happened.

      B/R gives us all the tools to get better, and to move up the ladder and advance our careers. I’ve always been told the best work moves up at B/R—something I truly and fully believe to be true. Keep working hard, taking on more assignments, learning about your sport and your craft as a writer and good things WILL come.

      That’s the only blueprint I can give you for advancing your career. Best of luck.

      • Isaac Smith

        thanks for the advice Matt, just saw this. Appreciate your personal feedback.

  • Michael Schottey

    I would agree with Matt. If you look at the different people in the video, each of them took a completely different route to B/R success. Throw in NFL writers like myself, Ty Schalter, Erik Frenz and Andrew Garda and you get four more distinct “paths” toward full-paying “what we love” jobs.

    • Isaac Smith

      Thanks for the advice Michael. I guess it just seems complex to someone on the outside, but the keys that I’m taking from you and Matt just seem to be hard work and loving what you write about so that you’re knowledgeable about what you write about.

  • Daniel

    im 19 years old and i plan on majoring in journalism, will this help my chances in getting a job with BR? I love sports everyone comes to me for information on their teams lol mostly football and basketball since I read so many articles I decided I would love to make a career on talking and writing about sports! This Video just inspired me even more to get better and pursue my passion for sports!

    • King_Kaufman

      Majoring in journalism isn’t a guarantee of anything, but sure, majoring in journalism is probably a good—though not necessary—step to take toward having a career in the industry. Based only on this comment, your first task, whatever you major in, would be to work on making your writing clear, grammatical and error-free.

  • Darius Myers

    Thanks for the advice everyone, learning about every business aspect for my course of study.

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