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Apr 16 / King Kaufman

Publishing tool update: Writers can help by reporting issues

A housekeeping note today strictly for Bleacher Report writers.

If you see any strange behavior in the writer tools over the next few weeks, we want to hear about it. If you see anything out of the ordinary as you get ready to publish your stories, please drop an email to with as much detail as you can.

Here’s what’s going on: Over the next few months B/R’s product team, our brilliant engineers and programmers, are going to be adding a ton of new things to the content management system. The goal is to allow writers to easily find and add all types of media to their stories to enhance the user experience. The updated tools will allow you to see your story as it will appear while you’re creating it.

In order to deliver these improvements, the product team has to make some changes on the back end of the website. They’re making every effort to ensure everything is working as usual, but you may see some strange behavior.

Again, if you see anything that doesn’t look right, drop a line to A team of engineers is at the ready to fix problems as they arise.

Look for some videos and blog posts in the coming weeks that will bring you up to speed on the new tools and how to use them. And thanks for your patience through any hiccups in the next week or two.


  • Kelly Scaletta

    If it’s possible, can it be made available to import excel charts? They are a great tool for statistical analysis, but at present you have to save them as a picture, then squeeze them into certain parameters, which affects the quality of the image.

    • King_Kaufman

      Will pass this along to the product team, Kelly.

      • Kelly Scaletta


    • Scott Carasik

      completely agreed. I do so much stuff in Excel, it’s insane.

      • King_Kaufman

        Product folks report that an Excel-import tool is in the works.

  • Karl M

    The draggable media box in a standard article doesn’t seem to “float” down the page with me as I scroll now…makes it very awkward to try and insert additional image/videos in a long form piece.

  • kohkung6

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