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May 20 / King Kaufman

Frank Wagner’s international soccer ranking system gets noticed

Frank WagnerSome nice media attention for a Bleacher Report writer: Here’s a feature about soccer Featured Columnist Frank Wagner in Pressbox Online, a Baltimore-area sports website.

Wagner, a Johns Hopkins alum, caught the attention of Pressbox Online because of his system of rating international soccer squads, which he says has proved successful in predicting winners in the last few international tournaments.

A math and music major at Johns Hopkins, Wagner devised his system to improve on FIFA’s own rankings, which he believes don’t stay up to date between World Cups. It was after coming up with the system that he came to Bleacher Report:

“I needed to find a place to get paid [after college],” Wagner said. “So I went to them and starting writing a few articles, and they started paying me for my work.”

Congratulations to Wagner for the shoutout.