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May 21 / King Kaufman

First piece of revamped publishing tool is in place for all B/R writers

Bleacher Report is completely revamping its tools for writers, and the first piece of that process is in place.

The Development Team has been rolling out the new “media discovery” tool to an ever-widening circle of writers over the last few weeks, and everything’s gone well, so the tool is now available to all B/R writers. It’s now much easier to find and drag media elements into standard articles.

The objective of these changes is to make adding media—photos, videos, tweets, polls—as easy as possible, to help B/R writers create the most visually compelling, engaging content. No more sorting through multiple browser windows to search Twitter, YouTube, photo sites and so on.

Writers can search Getty, Presswire, YouTube and Twitter right from the tool, and upon finding the needed piece they need, can drag it into the story-creation area. The tool also allows you to see what your story will look like when it’s published.

And for the first time, you’ll be able to find Bleacher Report Video clips and easily embed them in your standard articles.

Here’s a B/R Forum post that walks you through how to use the new tool.

The next step will be to expand these features to all article types. Testing for slideshows should begin by the end of the month.