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Jun 19 / King Kaufman

Shoutouts: Pieces on Danny Green, Doc Rivers, Zach Wheeler

This week’s Shoutouts, pieces that Bleacher Report’s Quality Editors have cited as standing out from the crowd. The comments are mostly theirs.

Is Danny Green the Favorite for NBA Finals MVP If Spurs Win? by Grant Hughes

Very relevant, compelling article that makes an argument that’s hard to refute given his extensive support. I particularly enjoyed how the support here was both logical (using expertise) and statistical (using research); oftentimes, writers lean too heavily towards one or the other. To top it all off, great use of media.

Why Zack Wheeler Is Hyped as the New York Mets’ Next Great Pitching Stud by Zachary D. Rymer

Great job breaking down the New York Mets rookie’s repertoire, strengths and weaknesses. And of course it was particularly relevant, posting on Monday, the day before Wheeler’s scheduled big-league debut.

How Doc Rivers’ Exit from Celtics Would Define Boston’s Future by Adam Fromal

This piece has a nice structure, with each point following the previous one smoothly. It’s broken up well with photos and other media, and the writing is solid.