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Jun 26 / King Kaufman

One reporter’s rules for getting the most out of Twitter

Globe and Mail reporter Steve Ladurantaye posted My personal Twitter rules on his blog earlier this week. There are 26 rules. Here’s No. 1:

1. You are one tweet away from being fired.

And here’s No. 26.

26. You are one tweet away from being fired.

Get the picture? Good, because the whole list isn’t like that. But while there’s no need to walk on eggshells when tweeting, it certainly doesn’t hurt to remind yourself, always, that your online actions can have consequences.

Between those two warnings is some solid, common-sense advice for journalists about how to get the most out of the format and, not unrelated, how to put the most into it.

You probably have your own Twitter rules you live by. Care to add them to the comments?

  • Chris Stephens

    - Don’t cuss.
    - Don’t take things personal when someone criticizes you or your work. Trolls are out there who love nothing more than to put down other people and their work.

  • Scott Carasik

    The Block feature is your friend. IF you feel like you are going to do something stupid in the conversation, just block the person. It makes it that much easier to ignore them.