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Aug 14 / King Kaufman

See the world: Washington Post maps are visual journalism at its best

Emotional map

Washington Post map of most and least emotional countries

We try hard at Bleacher Report to produce content that’s visually compelling. That can mean using videos, photos, graphics or anything else that brings stories to life.

It helps to actually think visually, and the Washington Post’s WorldViews blog had a great—and fun—example of that earlier this week with a post called 40 maps that explain the world.

Inspired by a piece on Bored Panda headlined 40 Maps They Didn’t Teach You in School, the Post’s “40 maps” presents all sorts of information about the world in map form.

Take a look. I bet you’ll learn some things that you never would have thought you could learn by looking at a map. Does it make you think of other ways you might convey information visually?

Hat tip to author and digital media expert Dan Gillmor for pointing out the post.

  • backell

    OK. That was too interesting. I just spent way too long looking at that.