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Sep 5 / King Kaufman

Video: Advice from the folks behind the publishing tool update

I went over to the Bleacher Report Bar* to talk to two of Bleacher Report’s smartest people about improvements in the publishing tool.

*OK, it’s just the corner of Bleacher Report’s Sutter Street office in San Francisco.

Ross Schwaber, whose name I mispronounce throughout the video—it should sound like Charles Schwab, with an er on the end—is the Senior Product Manager and Winton Welsh is the Director of Platform Engineering.

They describe what’s been going on behind the scenes as the content management system gets upgraded, and they offer some tips on how best to protect what you’ve written. Short version: As we mentioned in this space recently, use the right browser—Chrome or Firefox—and trust the publishing tool, rather than pasting copy in from Word, which introduces all kinds of problems.