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Sep 17 / King Kaufman

Mayweather-Canelo coverage tops this week’s Shoutouts

I thought Bleacher Report’s coverage of the Mayweather-Alvarez fight over the last week was a winner, but judge C.J. Ross scored it a draw.


Let’s start this week’s Shoutouts with a little roundup of some of the best of the Money-Canelo coverage, as chosen by B/R’s Quality Editors, with some input from other top editors. These are just the highlights:

If you were wondering where on earth all the money for Floyd Mayweather’s eight- and potentially nine-figure payday came from, Jonathan Snowden had you covered. His Mayweather vs. Canelo Purse: How Golden Boy Can Afford to Pay Floyd $41.5 Million was, in the words of one editor, “3,000 words of awesomeness.” With first-hand quotes from the major figures on the business side of the event, Snowden detailed how a giant promotion like Saturday’s fight comes together.

The B/R video team asked a couple of boxing trainers how each fighter could win. and Jason Strout and Jenaro Diaz laid out a blueprint for each man. The plan for Canelo might have been a good one, but remember Mike Tyson’s famous quote: “Everyone has a plan till they get punched in the mouth.”

For postfight coverage, here are two more stories by Snowden:

And two by Kelsey McCarson:

Note how, even after the event, most of the analysis was forward-looking.

Another big sport story this weekend was the Alabama-Texas A&M football game. Johnny Manziel and AJ McCarron Are College Football’s Most Unlikely Friends by Marc Torrence explains how the star quarterbacks might not be best buddies, but they are friends. Torrence even interviewed McCarron’s mom. He does a nice job of showing how the two star’s games reflect their personalities.

And here’s a shoutout within a Shoutout: Dan Levy‘s ranking of the 25 Greatest College Football Announcers of All Time got a well-deserved holler in Richard Deitsch’s Media Circus column on

Every week it gets harder to keep the Shoutouts post to a reasonable length, but I wanted to throw in one more: Why a Torn Labrum Leaves Mark Sanchez With an Impossible Decision by Dave Siebert, MD, B/R’s medical analyst, explains the Jets quarterback’s dilemma in clear, straightforward writing with excellent use of media assets.

Don’t you wish your doctor communicated that well?