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Sep 19 / King Kaufman

Video: Kevin Ding talks about joining Bleacher Report on Lakers beat

It’s been a pretty exciting week at Bleacher Report. We’ve announced the hiring of four top NBA writers and one of the best NFL writers in the business. That’s all.

Some tweets:


Kevin Ding was the first of the quartet of elite NBA writers to announce his new affiliation with Bleacher Report. He also stopped by B/R’s San Francisco office and we chatted for a few minutes on video, as you can see above. Jared Zwerling also introduced himself to B/R readers, or at least those who didn’t already know him.

Ethan Skolnick has done some writing for Bleacher Report in the past, and he went with a charmingly humble announcement of his move—making clear in the next tweet that he’s Kapono in the analogy.

The biggest splash on Twitter came with the announcement that Howard Beck of the New York Times had jumped to B/R: