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Oct 8 / King Kaufman

Shoutouts: Real-time in action, good work on video and more

“Real time” was a big web buzzword a few years ago. We used it a lot at Bleacher Report. We still do, and it’s still a big part of what we’re about—giving sports fans the news, information and entertainment around sports events as they’re happening.

Since “real-time” has faded a bit as a buzzword, it’s easy to forget how important it is and how hard it is to do well. If you’d like a reminder, check out this NFL Week 5 live coverage by Ken Dorset. The experience isn’t quite as good in retrospect, but it’s a good record of how much you get when you follow an event with B/R as either your first or second screen.

Some other Shoutouts from the past week, as identified by Bleacher Report editors:

Lance Fresh is one of Bleacher Report’s video stars, and he’s showed why a couple of times in the last week. Here he is using Google Glass to get the story from Carmelo Anthony about the Knicks star’s go-to move, the jab-step to the step-back. Anthony also talks about how he discovered the move. And, as Fresh’s bio points out, he knows sports and he knows style: His breakdown of Which NBA Stars Wore the Best Sneakers for Media Day Photo Shoots is definitive.

Bleacher Report’s recent NBA hires are humming along. Howard Beck reported that Derrick Rose looked sharp in his return, and  Ethan Skolnick talked to often-injured big man Greg Oden for a piece at the Miami Heat media day. Skolnick portrays the poignancy of Oden’s situation—his cautious optimism about the season being a success, which Oden defines as “walking onto a court and just walking off healthy”—without any obvious tugging on heartstrings.

NFL Lead Writer Ty Schalter examined How NFL Defenders Can Strike Back against constant attacks in the form of changing rules and enforcement that always favor offenses, and exotic, wide-open offenses. Firsthand quotes from two former NFL players, including B/R Lead Writer Matt Bowen, and a nice use of media help tell the story.