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Oct 22 / King Kaufman

Shoutouts: Great pieces, none of them by B/R’s “stars”

As vaguely promised in a noncommital way last week, this week’s Shoutouts post will focus on writers who are not among the “big names,” the star B/R writers who are starting to become usual suspects in the Shoutouts feature.

Here are some of the pieces that caught the eye of Bleacher Report’s Quality Editors and other gormandizers over the last couple of weeks.


Analyzing Randall Cobb’s Injury Outlook and Recovery from a Fibular Fracture by Dave Siebert, MD. Dr. Dave is starting to become a usual Shoutouts suspect, but his stuff is so detailed and informative that it’s hard to exclude him.

Top 25 NFL Rookies Heading into Week 6 by Dan Hope. Dan used Pro Football Focus stats well to back up his points for these logical, detailed rankings.

Fantasize Me: Fresh Picks for Fantasy Football Week 6 by BRTV. All right, Packers wide receiver Cobb, pre-injury, and human beatbox Doug E. Fresh are stars, but they’re not Bleacher Report stars, and this is a pretty fun video.


Ranking the NBA’s New Uniforms by Zach Buckley. Fun topic, fun read. Zach kept it lighthearted, but he also showcased an impressive amount of NBA and NBA jersey knowledge.

Brandon Jennings Injury: Updates on Pistons Star’s Status, Likely Return Date by Tyler Conway. Here’s a piece from our Breaking News Team. That means it was written quickly, on deadline, and Tyler hit all the marks of what a breaking-news report should be, not just in content but in structure as well.

College football

Football and Fried Beer: The Faces and Stories of the Red River Rivalry by Ben Kercheval. An engaging read as Ben gathers a diverse group of interviewees to talk about Texas-Oklahoma.


Selecting MLB’s Mid-Postseason All-Clutch Team by Ely Sussman. A few things the Quality Editor liked about this one:

  • Bullet-point “clutch moments” laid out clearly for each selection.
  • Strong statistical support.
  • Video highlights on each slide.
  • Well written and clean overall.