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Nov 13 / King Kaufman

Poynter graphic series offers simple advice for journalists

I like this series has been running called “Tips for Storytellers.” It’s by visual journalism teacher Sara Dickenson Quinn, who puts her advice in the form of graphics.

She started last month with How to make the most of your tweets, and has covered tips for shooting good video and taking good photos, how to polish your writing and, most recently, how to create an online portfolio.

The graphics are simple and easy to read, and while the advice doesn’t tend to be mind-blowing, it’s solid. If you’re not an expert on the subject at hand, you’ll probably benefit from the minute or so it’ll take you to read each graphic.

And if you’re not careful, you might learn a few things about creating simple, easy-to-read graphics.

While you’re on that last one, about creating an online portfolio to show to potential employers, click over to this “PoynterVision” video of advertising executive and former newspaper social-media director Allen Klosowski offering advice to graduating journalism students headed into a tough job market. It’s not what you think, if you think he’s going to say, “Go into advertising.”