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Aug 18 / King Kaufman

A Twitter list to help you stay current with the fast-moving media world

Ezra Eeman, founder of the future-of-journalism project Journalism Tools, posted a list of journalism Twitter accounts to follow on his Listly page last week.

I haven’t been great about tending to my Twitter garden lately. You? I go long periods when I don’t follow anybody new and don’t trim my “Following” list of feeds that aren’t interesting to me anymore. The media landscape changes so quickly that of course I miss out on great new feeds this way, though I like to think that retweets get most of the best stuff to me.

So I’m going to try to fix that. I took most of Eeman’s list and made a Twitter list on the @BR_WriterHQ feed that I called Journalism Twitter.

I know. I rock at naming things. It’s a gift.

Because it’s not the list of a sports person, it’s pretty light on sports, and might be heavy on subject matter that doesn’t involve the subjects we talk about the most around here.

I’m hoping you’ll help me curate it into a great Twitter list. Who should be on it? I’m looking for feeds that talk about journalism and media issues relevant to sportswriters. Some, maybe most, such feeds never talk about sports specifically, but the writing, reporting, technological and state-of-media subjects they discuss are relevant in the sports realm.

A couple of examples I’ve added to the original group: Poynter and New York Times media columnist David Carr.

Who else should I add? Send me your suggestions, and I hope it can become a resource you’ll use to stay current with the business.

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