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Oct 21 / King Kaufman

Application season: Poynter’s helpful list of educational programs, plus B/R’s

Looking for an internship, fellowship or other educational program to kick your journalism career up a notch or two? Check out this post, which lists, at this writing, 34 of the best of them.

Note that the URL says there will be 27 of them, so you might want to keep checking back. The list is growing.

As Poynter’s Benjamin Mullin notes, “October through January is internship application season.” Some of the application deadlines are already coming up. It would have been helpful if the list were in order of deadline dates, but here are the ones with October cutoffs:

The Virginian-Pilot—Oct. 24

The New York Times James Reston Reporting Fellowship—Oct. 31

The Dallas Morning News—Oct. 31

The Miami Herald—Oct. 31

All of the programs Mullen lists, he says, are paid, even if the pay amount is sometimes missing.

They’re not listed in the Poynter post, but Bleacher Report has two paid educational programs that we think are among the best as well, the Advanced Program in Sports Media, which focuses on sportswriting, and the Advanced Program in Editing and Content Management, the focus of which should be clear from the name.

Both are paid, 12-week programs for advanced journalism students or early-career professionals. Two things set them apart from most other programs: One is that they’re part time, usually taking about 10 to 15 hours a week, and the other is that students telecommute. There are no travel or living requirements.

Visit the links above for more information and the applications.