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Jan 22 / King Kaufman

Sanjay Kirpalani: How I Got the Story on the recruitment of Brady and Wilson

The second entry in our video series for Bleacher Report’s Advanced Program in Sports Media is up. B/R National Recruiting Analyst Sanjay Kirpalani joined me to talk about a pair of stories he wrote, The College Recruitment of Tom Brady and The College Recruitment of Russell Wilson.

In the first video, Danny Knobler told me the biggest challenge he faces was that his subject, minor league home run king Mike Hessman, has a bland personality, which makes writing a colorful story about him difficult.

Kirpalani’s subject, first with Brady and then with Russell, was plenty colorful: The story of how one of the NFL’s best quarterbacks began his journey from underdog high school kid to professional star. His challenge: Finding the people who were around Brady and Russell—parents, coaches, teammates, recruiters—to talk about those days.

He had to be patient and persistent, qualities that paid off. Here’s the video.