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Resources for grammar


Grammar should be correct and not clunky. The writing should have a light, readable touch.


Check your work

Online grammar resources: Help for helping yourself

Proofreading tips from the New York Times

Center For Writing Studies: Active Voice

Purdue OWL: Subject/Verb Agreement (pay particular attention to Guideline 10)

Grammar Girl: Subject-verb agreement

Center for Writing Studies: Dangling Modifiers

Grammar Girl: Dangling Participles

GrammarBook: Who vs. that vs. which

Center for Writing Studies: Fused sentences, run-ons and comma splices



  • Carls Ill

    Bleacherreport’s writers should use these resources more often. The grammar in this place is atrocious.

    • King_Kaufman

      *Bleacher Report’s

      • Carls Ill

        touche. What I suppose I meant by that was In any case, perhaps this demonstrates why I haven’t sought out a paycheck from my writing, unlike some.