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Video Series: How Bleacher Report Works


The Editorial Process

Contrary to the assumptions of many in the traditional media, B/R didn’t become one of the top sports websites by “gaming SEO” to “trick” readers into clicking. Follow the process through a typical “hard-knocks” kind of day at Bleacher Report, the site where sports fans go to love their teams.


Writer Development

Matt Miller, Michael Felder, Zachary D. Rymer and Elika Sadeghi talk about how Bleacher Report has helped them advance in their careers as sportswriters and video talent.


How B/R Stories Reach Their Audience

While search engines and the site’s front page still play an important role in how users find B/R content, they are by no means the whole story, or even most of it.

  • Gary Hoffman

    Excellence. I’ve been posting/blogging and I really think B/R is on target. Great Job. Packer Music

  • Corey Annan

    I am a young aspiring sports writer and I think this is amazing! This is literally what I want to do and more. I think I’ve found my dream job, a sports journalist for bleacher report. I seriously want to do this.

  • Isaac

    Ok, I’ve made my big decision. I’m coming back to Bleacher Report. I can’t miss out on this!

  • Chad

    I’m a die-hard sports fan, like everyone else that is posting on this blog, and have been for 35 years. The difference that I bring to the “table” is not only my varied employment experience, but also my education, enthusiasm, excitement, and empathy for all athletes “Around the Horn,” as the “Stat Boy” would say.

  • Arthur Coppola

    thats the truth, tell it like it is, we don’t try to hurt sports, but rather help to enlighten the fans.

  • manikreigun

    This is something I could envision myself doing for a long-term. I still need more work to become a decent writer/blogger, but will definitely try my hands on this.

  • TJM2

    My name is Terrah J. Mustaf II, I am 20 years old and an aspiring writer.

    Check out my blog. I started it, last week, and have two posts, currently. I would like to know what other users think about my work.