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Dec 11 / Bryan Goldberg

Slideshows + Getty Images = Fresh Perspective on Bleacher Report

A few days ago, we announced our new partnership with Getty Images that will give all writers full access to the world’s best photographs.

Today, we are rolling out a new feature that will capture the full power of those images — Slideshows.

Many of you have noticed a few of these Slideshows around the site in recent weeks. This was part of a pilot process to see if readers would take to a new, more visually-focused approach to articles. The response has been strong, and countless members have sent me messages requesting the ability to create them.

With Getty Images fully integrated into our Slideshow creator, we are ready to give it to everyone.

The Bleacher Report community has been thrilled with the continued increase in article quality over the last year, but we also realized that there is a visual aspect to sports that is, well…priceless. Until today, we had not found the right way to combine great writing with amazing photo-journalism.

This week’s tag-team release of Getty Images and Slideshows will be a huge step in that direction.

  • T.W. Krems

    Sweet, just did my first one. I think its awsome!

  • Bryan Goldberg

    Yes, and your slideshow was great. I have Matt Ryan as my starting fantasy QB (after Brady went down), and it’s great to see him getting so much attention.

    Keep the shows coming.

  • Matt Poloni

    I’m having trouble finding it. Where do you go to create one?

  • Michael Griffin

    They are brilliant, and surprisingly easily to do too. Great work again guys, B/R could become the number one F1 site within the next year.

  • Ian Sheppard

    I really love this idea. I am wondering if the slideshow feature will be open to all writers who are willing to use it. That would be a good way to get some experience doing this sort of thing.

  • Steve

    Can anyone do it? I can’t find it anywhere but my friend says they can find it on theirs?

  • Andrew Kneeland

    Steve and Matt, I believe you simply click on the “write” tab. It should then pop up with the option of a regular article or a slideshow.

  • Matt Poloni

    Actually, that’s the first thing I did when I heard it was available for everyone. I clicked on “Write,” but it just goes to the same article writing page as usual. No prompt, no other tab, no options. I’ve tried it on Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari since the announcement. It just isn’t working for me.

  • Bryan

    Everyone who doesn’t have it yet will have it on Monday.

    This particular feature is being rolled out over the course of a few days.

    Sorry to anyone who is part of the last wave :)

  • Matt Poloni

    No problem, Bryan. I’m sure it’s worth the wait.