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Jun 27 / King Kaufman

Brainstorm: Who are the most irritating people in sports?

Dick Vitale

This guy's gotta get some PT on the All-Irritating team, baby!

Who is the most irritating person in sports?

Present company excluded, of course.

Remember when we brainstormed on a slideshow last week? You gave your nominations for the worst athlete actors.

That was great, and the slideshow, 25 Athletes Who Were Terrible Actors, went up over the weekend.

I’m hoping to make these brainstorming sessions a regular Monday morning feature on this blog. I think it’ll be a great way to get our work week started, tossing out our opinions about some random sports debate.

Come to think of it, that’s how most of us end most of our work weeks on Friday night. I like the symmetry.

So today’s brainstorm is for this slideshow: Who are the XX most irritating people in sports?

Leave your nominations in the comments.

  • Rufus T. Firefly

    If we take it for granted that they share one ridiculously stupid hive mind, does the Fox football crew count?

  • Schottey

    Colin Cowherd. List over.

    • Bowl_haircut

      Yep. That high-pitched whine he calls “broadcasting” is a pain in the arse.

  • Dennis

    You can’t have a list like this without John Madden. Chris Colinsworth is another one.

  • Brandon

    I’d give Rex Ryan the nod here. I can’t stand listening to him run his mouth during press conferences and the like. He is flat out annoying

  • Andrew Eide

    Chad OchoJohnson,

    Seriously, how much do we have to hear about an above average football player on a bad team? Why do we care? I hear he’s going to wrestle aligators now….sigh.

  • Alex Ferguson

    There aren’t many players who annoy me, but the one person who really, really gets on my nerves is Kyle Busch.

    I know that NASCAR doesn’t normally get a shout on Bleacher Report, but Busch’s perennial whining should make him a Top 5 pick. If you listen to him for three hours on stock car racing coverage, you’ll probably be driven mad.

  • Rick Weiner

    Joe Buck – the arrogance just OOZES through the TV.

  • King Kaufman

    Thanks for the ideas so far. Keep ‘em coming. And tell us why you think the person is annoying. Don’t just give us the name. One person’s annoying is another person’s, “Really? Him?”

  • Eric Martell

    I’ll focus on baseball announcers.

    1) Tim McCarver. He is, and always will be, master of the obvious.

    2) Hawk Harrelson. The ultimate homer with no perspective. Made Ron Santo look nuanced.

  • Jay

    Mike Francesa. Know it all who refuses to listen to anyones argument. Caller says the sky is blue, he tells them it’s grey. The next caller says “Mike, it clearly is grey” and he screams that its blue. He also has a stupid accent, and he REFUSES to believe that any advanced stats matter. Even though it has been proven pretty much across the board, and most teams have advanced stat guys working in their front office, he still never mentions OBP, instead will resort batting average, Gold Gloves, All Star Games and wins a pitcher gets as “the only stats that matter. The rest of those guys can go live in their moms basement playing with their computer.”

  • Goldenflash

    I vote for ESPN… Yes the entire network.

  • Eddie Theisen

    Pittsburgh Penguin fans… bandwagon and not smart fans

  • Dmitriy Ioselevich

    Woody Pagie. Reasonably smart guy, but incredibly difficult to listen to because he’s so aggressive and confrontational. Ditto for Jason Whitlock, who might be the least ethical journalist in sports.