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Apr 6 / Joel Cordes

Internship Insider: Tim Daniels, Adam Fromal & Kyle Vassalo

Want to know what it takes to get hired at Bleacher Report? These writers launched their careers with us through talent, hard work and a stint in the Bleacher Report Sportswriting Intern Program.

We’ve graduated over 350 skilled writers during the past three years, but only 12 recently made it into our Hall of Fame.

Along with last week’s inductees, here are the next alumni headed to our rafters:

- Tim Daniels

Already a great writer when he joined us, Tim was always open to moving outside his comfort zone. He worked tirelessly to become more versatile and now has 1,600 articles, over 4 million reads and a paid spot on our Breaking News team (TNT).

“The internship program lays down the foundation necessary to work for an Internet-based company. Having spent most of my time on the print side of journalism, learning basic skills like search engine optimization and forward-thinking analysis set me up to succeed with the Bleacher Report TNT team.” - Tim @TimDanielsBR

- Adam Fromal

Another one of B/R’s basketball gurus, Adam’s built his brand through creativity and superlative content knowledge.  A very professional and ridiculously hard-working paid NBA writer, he also recently surpassed 4 million reads on 600 articles.

“Confidence in your opinion is absolutely crucial for a writer to convey the intended message successfully. More than anything else, including the valuable SEO, writing and time management skills that I gained from completing the B/R internship program, helped my confidence in expressing my opinions improve dramatically.” - Adam @Fromal09

- Kyle Vassalo

Kyle particularly stood out as fun to work with, bringing enthusiasm and versatility every day. However, he also understood and took to online conventions quicker than most. His great production (over 3 million reads and 1,260 articles) sealed the deal: He’s one of our TNT editors today.

The B/R internship allowed me to understand how to write in an online setting. The internship got my work a ton of exposure and played a huge role in getting my foot in the door here at Bleacher Report. I joined the internship on a whim and I’m glad each and every day that I did. - Kyle @ASU52

Our last four inductees will be unveiled very soon!

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Joel C. Cordes is Bleacher Report’s Sportswriting Internship Program Feedback Editor. Along with fellow editor Greg Pearl, he develops B/R interns by providing feedback and mentoring, the highlights of which are shared with the B/R Blog.