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Jun 20 / King Kaufman

How Twitter has changed coverage of MMA

MMA Lead Writer Jonathan Snowden wrote a terrific piece Tuesday examining the growth of Twitter as a journalism tool in the sport.

MMA fans have embraced the social media platform in huge numbers and the result has been a huge shift in how news is disseminated. Not just what kind of news, but who is bringing it to you.

Snowden interviews several people who have made names for themselves reporting on MMA and breaking news via Twitter, including those who tweet under the names FrontRowBrian, Ph.D and Jiggle Biscuits.

But Snowden also offers a warning, before detailing a case where someone jumped to a conclusion at tweeted a false accusation:

Sometimes the lawlessness of the Internet gets the best of these Twitter stars. They don’t have the fact-checking obligations of their professional peers. Their relative lack of financial resources essentially frees them from worrying about a defamation suit. These two things combined open the door for some truly reckless reporting.

On that note, here’s a review of some of our coverage of Twitter and its issues as a reporting tool:

  • Scott Carasik

    Twitter is a pretty bad source of info unless you see something from a reputable source on there. Like when Shefter or Glazer tweet it’s awesome.

    • King_Kaufman

      Isn’t *anything* a bad source of info unless you see something from a reputable source? Twitter is a tool, like a telephone or a telephone camera or a roll of newsprint paper. It can be used well or poorly, and as a user, you have to make the effort to know which is which.

      • King_Kaufman

        A telephone camera? I meant a TV camera, but yeah, also a phone-cam.

        • Scott Carasik

          I understood what you meant. I agree about the proper source thing too.