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Aug 13 / King Kaufman

New York Meet-up, Cynopsis Media Award cap a huge week for B/R

New York Bleacher Report Writers Meet-up

Part of Thursday's big crowd listens to B/R Editor in Chief Joe Yanarella, right.

What a week that was! You probably heard about Bleacher Report’s acquisition by Turner Sports last week. That was just the beginning.

On Thursday night, we had the biggest Writers Meet-up in B/R history. About 100 people stormed the upstairs room at Amity Hall in New York City. A large contingent from B/R’s New York office was there, including some of our video stars.

It was great meeting so many Bleacher Report writers in one night, and re-connecting with some we’d met before. It was also great to see B/R writers getting to know each other, and to dive into and out of conversations about sports, sportswriting and, well, Amity Hall has a really good beer selection.

Thursday had started with Bleacher Report’s Team Stream App winning a Cynopsis Media Award for best non-affiliated app. That is, not affiliated with a major network or league.

Team Stream beat out some worthy competition, apps from deltatre, Golf Digest, Nokia and Thuuz Inc.

Cynopsis Media is the publisher of trade email publications for the television, media, digital and TV sports industries. The affiliated app winner was the NBA’s NBA Game Time.

Congratulations to the team of geniuses at B/R who have made Team Stream into the best sports app out there. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, you’re missing out on the best way to follow your favorite teams. And as a writer, you’re not seeing how an increasing number of your readers are looking at your work.

  • Lance_knudson

    I added that app a few weeks ago and really like it! Good job B/R!

  • Maxwell Ogden

    I see myself in the waaay back. Had a great time and am thrilled to hear the good news for B/R!

  • Kelly Scaletta