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Feb 6 / King Kaufman

A record-setting milestone of a Super Bowl weekend for B/R

CNN B/R Super Bowl preview show

A lot of people have been a little glum in Bleacher Report’s San Francisco offices since the Super Bowl, though your humble blogger, a long-suffering Rams and Raiders fan, has had an extra spring in his step.

But localized pain over the 49ers’ loss aside, last weekend was a signal moment for Bleacher Report, one that everyone connected to the site should be proud of.

B/R received a record 5.5 million visits on Sunday, which is a 150 percent increase over last year’s Super Bowl Sunday—after which key Bleacher Report people, I’m told, sat around wondering how traffic could possibly go up from there.

B/R’s live blog of the game by Ken Dorset got more than a quarter-million visits from over 100,000 unique visitors. Amber Lee’s review of the best and worst commercials got 3.6 million page views from more than 750,000 visitors. Bleacher Report served 480,000 video streams over the weekend, and there were 132 TV and radio appearances by B/R writers during the week.

And on Saturday, Bleacher Report made a splashy debut on CNN, with Ernie Johnson and Rachel Nichols hosting a live Bleacher Report Super Bowl preview show on the network from New Orleans. As noted here yesterday, this was an extraordinary moment not just for B/R, but in the evolution of sports media. An all-digital media company that’s less than 6 years old partnering in this way with an established old-media brand like CNN—well, it just hasn’t happened before.

Whether you’ve been writing for Bleacher Report since the beginning or since Monday, you’re a part of this remarkable story. Thank you for that.

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Photo: NBC and NFL Network commentator Cris Collinsworth chats with Ernie Johnson and Rachel Nichols Saturday on ”Kickoff in New Orleans: A CNN-Bleacher Report Special.”  

  • Kelly Scaletta

    Awesome stuff!

  • Shaun Church

    I’m truly honored to be part of a changing sports media world. Can’t wait to see what’s next.