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Aug 22 / King Kaufman

Video: Early-career opportunities for sportswriters at B/R

In last week’s video, Editor in Chief Joe Yanarella talked about what Bleacher Report looks for in prospective writers and editors. This week, Max Tcheyan sits down to talk about it from the other point of view: What B/R can do for sportswriters at the start of their careers.

Max is the Director of the Advanced Program in Sports Media, a three-month online enrichment class for undergraduate and graduate-level journalism students. From the program’s web page:

Participants receive thorough schooling in the nuances of 21st-century sports reporting, with an option to earn full or partial course credit for their work. Upon completing the program, most graduates secure high-profile positions as B/R Featured Columnists—and many Featured Columnists go on to secure paid employment with Bleacher Report and other media organizations.

The Advanced Program in Sports Media has high standards. The acceptance rate for applicants is similar to Harvard’s. But Bleacher Report is a little more liberal with the second chances. In most cases, if you’re turned down, you can apply again in 30 days.